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Perennial Garden Designs

Perennials blossom each season and give your garden a full and colorful display without having to go through the trouble of replanting every spring season. We love designing perennial gardens because they provide colorful landscapes during the warmer spring and summer months and beautiful green foliage that look elegant during the winter season with a light snow dusting.

Perennial garden designs require a year round design vision. Although not the primary focus of most gardens, perennials are necessary to provide a balanced garden that has something to offer during every season. Perennials can be used in conjunction with other gardens and flowers to provide ground cover or to highlight more exotic plants. After the initial planting and once a newly planted perennial garden settles into the soil, it requires minimal care while continuing to look lovely year round.

There are many types of perennials and everyone has their own unique vision for their home's dream garden, but it is important to pick perennials that flourish best in our local climate. The physical location of your perennial garden will have some bearing on the plant selection. Although perennials can survive in a variety of conditions, certain perennials do better in shade while others require large amounts of sunlight. By understanding the types of plants that thrive best in our local environment and the conditions your unique property provides, we can create a unique perennial garden design that not only flourishes on your property, but also fits your personal design tastes and budget.

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