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Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming the most popular place in the whole home. The ideal outdoor kitchen provides a great facility for cooking along with a stylish space for entertaining company. These stylish outdoor areas can provide increased value to your home. By working with one of our designers we can help you envision the perfect outdoor kitchen plans for your home that you have always wanted.

All of our outdoor kitchens are custom designed and installed. We use natural stone, veneers, and custom stone countertops in real stone or granite. All of our outdoor kitchens are hand masoned with the beautiful result of a completely custom look. We can create custom designed spaces that include work and prep areas, counter bar service areas for your guests and include optional items including refrigerators, wine bars and storage areas. Whether gas or propane we account for all of the details.

We start by getting to know you and understanding what you need and want out of your outdoor kitchen:

What do you want out of your new outdoor kitchen What is going to be the primary use of the space? Are you interested in a gas or charcoal grill? What kind of food are you planning on cooking with this kitchen? What overall design motifs are important to you for your outdoor kitchen

These are all questions we work with our clients to answer before we go to the drawing board. We strive to understand our clients design desires and what constitutes the perfect outdoor kitchen design for their unique needs. Once we understand what a client wants out of their outdoor kitchen we set about incorporating the existing design elements of your house's exterior and garden. By creating a unified and organic addition to your home it will look like your Outdoor Kitchen was part of the original home design.

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