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Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

A well designed fire pit can create a comfortable social space that the whole family can use. A fire pit is perfect for entertaining guests and throwing barbeques. When creating the initial design for your fire pit space we first examine the surrounding area, making sure that the fire pit design we envision fits the rest of your landscape and architecture of your home. Whether you want the perfect backyard vantage point for stargazing or a comfortable lounge area for your party guests, a fire pit is perfect for every occasion.

When designing the perfect outdoor fire pit for your residence, we first determine how the space is going to be used by your household. By determining how the space is going to be used we can design a practical set up that works best for you and your household. Is it a meant as a lively party space for you and your friends, or a relaxed and quiet place for cocktail hour? These are questions that will guide us through the design process and help us make an outdoor fire pit space that works for you.

From there we set about creating a design that compliments the rest of your home, garden and outdoor lighting perfectly. We also define the borders and boundaries of your outdoor fire pit so the space is elegant, stylish and above all - safe. We look to build on the elements of style and design that are already in place on your property so our design addition looks natural and organic when compared to the rest of your home. Contact us today to start designing the fire pit of your dreams.

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